Baby, It’s a Polar Vortex Outside

I moved to California fourteen years ago. Although I now believe it was where I was born to be, I still have a romantic corner in my heart for my birth-place, New York.  It really is the city that never sleeps nor will it slow down for anything. That was never more evident than during my recent visit in January. Yes, I rolled into the city the evening of the “Polar Vortex”, the coldest week on record. Unfortunately,  that record has been smashed several of times since I left.

I had packed my backpack full of all the photographic equipment I thought I would need and was ready to explore all the nooks and crannies that make the city a magical mystery. When I awoke the next morning there was 12 inches of shimmering snow that was draped over the cityscape like a couture gown.  Sheer Beauty!

I was excited for my day, but as I left the warmth of the hotel lobby I was greeted by a kind of cold I had never felt before.  It was blistering! So painful that as I walked to the end of the block I was losing feeling from the bottom of my feet up. I was fumbling with my camera because I learned quickly not to take my gloves off while changing settings or lens’. The beauty of the snow didn’t match the reality of my situation.  I was so cold I couldn’t think!

I didn’t end up doing much exploring this trip. The photo’s I shot are more a document of the Polar Vortex. Although beautiful, it is a weather phenomenon I will not soon forget. But as I am reviewing the photographs I am struck but an aura of gratitude and I think to my self  “What a Wonderful World”.

This post is dedicated to all my loved ones on the east coast going through the  fourth blizzard of the season. Wishing you warm toes and a very early spring.

Check out the slide show below and thanks for tuning in.